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  • "Antimicrobial resistance poses a catastrophic threat". Sally Davies (United Kingdom chief medical office).
  • "That life as we know it may be about to come to an end". Margaret Chan (General Director - World Health Organization).

And unfortunately this is not the worst of it…

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For decades “We the People” have been going down three “Unsustainable Paths” - that if not seen and avoided in time will have the effect of “Dead-Ending Badly” at “Cliffs” with “Crashes” and we have given them the following names with brief descriptions:


The World Economic Cliff ™

economic i - copiaCliff : National debts “Pasted the Point of No Return”.
Dead-end badly : With a “Global Depression”
Our Proposal : The key is being able to build “survival communities” and enough of them in your region  - with  sustainable food and water supplies that can expand fast enough to eventually accommodate everyone in need.

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The World Food Supply Cliff ™

FOOD - copia   Cliff : “Pest Insect populations” becoming “Totally Resistant” to agrochemicals.
Dead-end badly : With “Global Famines”. 
Our Proposal : Re-establish “Nature’s Amazing Biological Controls” on a World-wide scale to greatly reduce and eventually eliminate the further “Unsustainable use” of dangerous synthetic agrochemicals.

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The World Epidemic Cliff ™

epidemic-2-     Cliff :

Bacteria and viruses becoming “Totally Resistant” to pharmaceutical drugs.

Dead-end badly : With “Global Epidemics”.
Our Proposal : To implement our new natural medicine discoveries and many other “Natural Alternatives” that can greatly reduce the “Unsustainable use” of dangerous synthetic chemical pharmaceutical drugs.

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Our time is running out faster than we ever thought it would! We were confident that we still had ten or so more years left to prevent “us” from all going over either “The World Epidemic Cliff”, “The World Food Supply Cliff” or at least soften their “Crashes” and provide sustainable solutions for their recovery. But now that “we” appear to be accelerating towards crashing over “The World Economic Cliff” first, pharmaceutical medicines and pesticides would become impossible for most people to find, or be able to purchase during a global depression which will leave farmers and patients World-wide helpless who are currently depending on them for their survival leading to epidemics and famines spreading World-wide much faster than we were estimating they would.

We believe it can be done with the solutions we have been working on - and we have designed this Global Network with innovative features that can make it possible where everyone´s concerns, ideas and needs can be shared and responded to globally.

“Now is the time to sit down with friends, family and with your surrounding communities - and decide what you collectively are going to do to help your region of our planet before it is too late to do much of anything!” – The Team

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” - President Theodore Roosevelt.


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